The Darien Art Odyssey, spearheaded by Kate Weinberg, Lucy Whittaker, Coco Rooney, and Cody Boccuzzi, successfully hosted their first exhibition at the Art Barn Studio on June 3rd. The odyssey featured paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos, and live performances from local Darien Youth.

The first floor of the studio featured painting and sketches from high school students Luke Whittaker, Marie Ostrand, Erin Corrigan, Liam Morrill, Ryan Espitia, Grace Wakim, and many others. The floor included an enclosed area for the viewing of Alex Hamm’s short film titled “I Get It” starring Darien High School junior Sam Walter. The floor also included a small stage for musical compositions. There were performances from James Hilton, former singer of local band the verticals, and later Kat Bates.

The second floor was dedicated to the exhibition of Loyola Marymount University student Emma Weinberg’s photo collection titled “The Kids Were Certainly Alright.” The exhibit featured photos from Weinberg’s time of adolescence in Darien as well as a short film made up of phone recorded videos encapsulating the camaraderie of high school social events.

At the end of the exhibition awards were given out to featured artists. Third best in show was awarded to Liam Morril, second best in show was awarded to Grace Wakim, and best in show was awarded to Luke Whittaker who was awarded $125 in prize money. His winning piece was also sold for $500.

The Darien Art Odyssey partnered with the crowdfunding site Impact Vine to fund the event and are currently trying to reach their $3000 goal. Contributions can be made by visiting the site at