Danbury turnout continues to be light

DANBURY -- Voting officials are disappointed so far in the low turnout at the polls.

Mary Ann Doran, the Republican Registrar of Voters, said that with an hour to go at the polls, about 34 percent of the city's registered voters had cast their ballots.

"It's definitely disappointing," Doran said. "We always like to see a bigger turnout."

During the last municipal election two years ago, about 39 percent of voters had already cast their ballots as of 7 p.m. A total of 43 percent of the voters turned out for that election.

The city's first ward has continued to show the strongest turnout with about 39 percent of the voters coming out on election day. The fourth ward remains the weakest, with about 26 percent of voters in that district visiting the polls.

Doran said that while there is still a steady stream of voters at the polls in the final hour, she doesn't expect there to be a significant change in the turnout percentages.

The city has about 33,311 registered voters this year.

The election two years ago had a total turnout of about 43 percent. The city's highest turnout in recent memory was in 2001, when more than 51 percent of the registered voters visited the polls. At the time, it was an open race for mayor between Republican Mark Boughton and Democrat Chris Setaro.