The following letter to parents was written by Darien High School Principal Dan Haron.

Dear Parents,

In response to an unfortunate incident that took place at New Canaan High School last night, I read the following message (see below) over the loudspeaker to our students earlier today. I hope I can count on you to help reinforce its message. As upsetting as the incident might be however, I think it is also important to remember that throughout the championship games this year our student spectators, for the most part, have exhibited appropriate and sportsmanlike behavior of which we all can be proud. We received much praise for our students' behavior from FCIAC and other officials at the football game against Trumbull, for example.

To the extent that we can work together to reinforce that positive message, I believe it would do our students and our community well.

Thank you in advance for your help and support and have a happy Thanksgiving.


****Message to students****

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This is Mr. Haron and I apologize for the interruption.

As many of you probably heard, several of our students were involved in vandalism at New Canaan High School last night. Fortunately we know who those students are and will be taking the appropriate disciplinary action.

I know the great majority of you are as embarrassed and disturbed by this incident as I am and hope I can count on you to help me repair the damage.

I am clearly disappointed by this behavior but as with any disappointment, it stems primarily from the fact that I have high expectations for your behavior as students in our school. I expect more because I know that this behavior does not represent what we at DHS truly stand for.

I ask all of you who will be joining us at the Turkey Bowl game tomorrow morning to make sure that the real face of Darien High School is on display and that the focus is on our football game where it belongs and not on the behavior in the stands.

Let's work together to ensure that going forward "Blue Wave Pride" is a phrase we can all say while holding our heads up high. Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.