The DCA Thrift Shop was founded during the Great Depression, a time of great economic challenge. Mindful of the Thrift Shop’s role in the community, and that likely, many of clients are struggling at this time, the DCA is planning an event to open the shop and give the merchandise away.

This free event will be on Saturday, June 20 from 11 to 3 p.m. and will be a way for the Thrift Shop to support families in need during the COVID crisis with essentials such as clothing, shoes, housewares and books.

Guidelines for June 20:

1. One bag will be given to each client. No outside bags will be allowed.

2. Clients will be given 15 minutes to enter the shop and take what they need from the available merchandise during this event.

3. Only five clients at a time will be allowed to enter the shop. We ask that only one family member per household come to this event. No children will be allowed to enter the shop.

4. Help will be provided where needed throughout the shop.

5. Masks are required to be worn to enter the shop.

6. All clients will enter through the front door and exit through the back door of the shop.

The DCA Thrift Shop is located at 996 Post Road, Darien. For updates, visit the thrift shop’s Facebook page at:

The DCA Thrift Shop is also in need of new volunteers.

If you are interested please pm me or contact me at