Court officials: Jury trials to resume in June

Photo of Leah Brennan

Starting in June, jurors will begin being summoned to courts in Connecticut once again as court officials prepare to broadly resume trials, according to a chief court administrator.

“As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic, we are undertaking this jury resumption initiative in continuing consultation with Connecticut public health officials and in compliance with directives from the Governor,” a written statement from Patrick L. Carroll III read.

The statement comes as Connecticut moves ahead with its dial back of COVID-19 restrictions, including the expected lifting of a requirement for vaccinated people to wear masks inside Wednesday.

Carroll’s statement detailed different precautions that would be in place, including having “ample” PPE supply, stations where people can sanitize their hands, protective microphone coverings in courtrooms and face shields witnesses could use “as needed.”

“At least in the initial stages of the jury resumption initiative, the plans to hold jurors and conduct jury deliberations in a courtroom adjacent to the courtroom where the trial is being held will remain in place,” Carroll said. “Naturally, the trial judges will also have the flexibility to order additional measures as the judge deems necessary to address concerns expressed by jurors or litigants during the proceedings.”

Buildings are also expected to be re-inspected, ensuring “that all appropriate protective measures are in place,” according to the statement.

“Through this process, we will take every step necessary to assure jurors, counsel, litigants and staff that their safety remains our primary concern and that we have taken, and will continue to take, all appropriate steps necessary to assure that safety,” the statement read.

Jury trials were put on hold early in the pandemic as court officials limited in-person operations to limit the spread of the virus.