David Genovese, the developer of the Corbin District, a mixed-use redevelopment spanning from Corbin Drive to the Bank of America building on Post Road, is moving the project to the next level.

Years of planning went into the project, which got the green light in November 2018.

Genovese has already given notice to Darien Electric, Spiro (Darien Shoe Repair), EPOD and Paws & Reflect, to relocate.

Darien Electric has found a new location in town, and Genovese found new locations for Darien Shoe and Paws & Reflect, which are all in Darien. EPOD is going to consolidate to its Norwalk office.

Genovese has a plan for each of the existing retail tenants and will be mapping this out over the next few weeks.

According to Genovese, his plan should provide for “almost seamless operations” for affected store owners, with minimal downtime between locations (ie, the time required for moving racks and inventory).

“We have given notice to several of the tenants located on the interior of the project that we plan to demolish their buildings first, along with the garages that line the right side of the driveway, to make way for construction materials storage and parking while we execute Phase One,” wrote Genovese in an email.

Genovese is president of Baywater Properties in Darien, a commercial real estate company serving Fairfield County, Connecticut, Westchester County, and New York.

“We hope to take these structures down in March or April,” he added.

Genovese commented further that he is working hard to begin the relocation of a drainage culvert that runs behind the gas station and to Old Kings Highway South. He hopes to complete this by May.

Once that work is complete, he hopes to begin construction of Phase One.

“We have hired a talented project manager, who is also a Darien resident, Kate Perez, and she will be spearheading the construction efforts on behalf of Baywater,” he wrote.

His goal is that The Corbin District “is the best shopping area in Connecticut upon completion.”

“We are off to a very encouraging start with new tenants that will drive more foot traffic to the downtown shopping area,” he added.