The second week of Corbin Cares saw nearly 800 meals donated and distributed, serving nearly 1,500 meals in its first two weeks to medical staff, seniors, families in need and local shelters.

The initiative collaborates with local Darien restaurants to provide meals for the food-insecure in Darien and neighboring communities. This collaboration includes Bodega Taco Bar, Ten Twenty Post, Baldanza Bistro, Four Forks, Jake’s Place and UCBC, and will provide ready-to-eat, healthy, safely-prepared meals to those on the front lines in the health industry, Darien seniors in need, families referred by Darien’s Department of Human Services, and nonprofits that feed the food-insecure of Fairfield County.

Medical staff

On Monday, April 6, 40 lunches were delivered to Norwalk Hospital’s emergency room works courtesy of Ten Twenty Post.

Food rescue

Also on Monday, 80 lunches were delivered to the Open Door Shelter courtesy of Baldanza.

On Tuesday April 7, 80 lunches were delivered to New Covenant House courtesy of Baldanza

Wednesday April 8, 80 lunches were delivered to CCI Greenwich courtesy of Baldanza.

On Thursday, April 9, 44 lunches to 40 South Main courtesy of Jake's Place.

Also on Thursday, April 9, 80 lunches to New Covenant House courtesy of Baldanza.

On Friday, April 10, 80 lunches to Inspirica courtesy of Baldanza/

The weekly total of food rescue meals was 484 lunches/meals.

Senior lunches

Corbin Cares offeredd 192 senior lunches, courtesy of Bodega, distributed from the Mather Center.

Monday, April 6 - 40

Tuesday, April 7 - 35

Wednesday, April 8 - 40

Thursday, April 9 - 37

Friday, April 10 - 40

Family dinners

Fifteen dinners nightly were served all five nights to families in need by Bodega, totaling 75 meals.

Total meals served - 751 Meals Week of April 6- April 10

Total meal served - 661 Meals week of March 30 - April 3

Total meals to date — 1,412

If you or someone you know is food insecure or needs a family meal, or a senior meal, please call 203-656-7328 or email Ali Ramsteck, Director,

For more information or to donate: