A Brooklyn, N.Y., man driving with his pants on backwards was arrested last week on more than a dozen drug and fraud charges after police found drug paraphernalia, false identification, prescription sheets and a slew of pharmaceuticals in his car and buttocks. Mark Moskowitz, 24, was on the Post Road near Hecker Ave. when an officer spotted him changing lanes without signaling in his 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. When the officer ran his Florida plates, he found the registration was expired and pulled Moskowitz over. Later, police found the plates registered to an Oldsmobile Ciera in Moskowitz. name.

Moskowitz identified himself to the officer as Bendel Shenhav and gave him an ID that "looked bogus," according to Darien Police Capt. Fred Komm.

He told the officer he was on his way to a pharmacy to get Aderall, but couldn't say which pharmacy, according to police.

He said the Sunfire was his boss's car and that Mark Moskowitz was his boss's name, police said.

He was nervous, according to police, and they asked for consent to search his car, which he denied. but they didn't need it.

They arrested him on the growing list of violations. including the false license plate and phony driver's license. and searched his car.

They found prescription drugs including 29 Aderall pills, 71 Oxycodone pills, 109 Alprazolam pills, six Xanax pills and drug paraphernalia items including a spoon, burnt tin foil and three hypodermic needles for injecting Oxycodone, as well as a Dell Laptop and Canon printer, which police said he likely used to make the fake driver's license, according to police.

Police also found 82 blank prescription sheets.

When he got out of the car, he had his pants on backwards, according to police.

Police believed Moskowitz had more drugs on him, and performed a strip search.

While searching him, a bag "fell from his derriere," Komm said. "We reluctantly took custody of the bag."

Additionally, a key found in his shoe opened a lock box in the back seat that contained a phony Florida driver's license in the name of Mark Anderson.

Because of the quantity of drugs in his car, police suspected Moskowitz intended to sell the drugs.

He was charged with illegally obtaining prescription drugs, illegal possession of prescription drugs, illegally obtaining a controlled substance, possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of prescription drugs not in their original container, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, interfering with an officer, criminal impersonation, third degree forgery, identity theft, operating a vehicle without insurance, misuse of a license plate, driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to signal.

He did not post the $25,000 bond and went to court Thursday, Oct. 28. jkara@darientimes.com