Darien detectives located the woman who offered puppies to children as they walked home from school Tuesday, police said.

The woman, a dog breeder from Brewster, N.Y., with ties to the area, approached three groups of Darien children walking home on Middlesex Road from school and asked if they wanted puppies, according to police.

According to police Wednesday, the woman said she didn't believe she was doing anything wrong. They told her that approaching children as she did was ill-advised.

The woman was reported to have driven an older tan or beige SUV or hatchback vehicle, according to police, with bumper stickers, tinted rear windows and a cage dividing the trunk from the rear passenger seats. Police said there were also two white posters with pictures of puppies on the rear passenger window.

The children reported that when she approached them from her vehicle, the woman asked "Do you want puppies?" police said. When the children said no, she continued driving north on Middlesex Road, according to police.

No charges will be filed and the case is closed, police said.