A group of men posing as water company employees entered an elderly couple’s Darien home without their permission last week, police said.

According to police, two men approached an 87-year-old Hollow Tree Ridge Road resident who was in his yard about 6:45 p.m. on July 16. They asked him, “Hi pops, where’s mom?” The man said his 78-year-old wife was inside and the men went into the house without permission, police said.

One man went directly into the basement and turned on a faucet, claiming to check if the water was clean and had enough pressure, according to police. The second man turned on the kitchen faucet and the two men then went upstairs and turned on the water in the bathroom, police said.

The woman then told them to leave and they ran out the front door, police said.

One of the men was described as Hispanic, about 19 years old with a slim build and about 5-foot-9. The second man was described as white or Hispanic in his 30s, about 5-foot-7 and heavy set. A third man who waited outside was described as being short and wearing a blue plaid shirt.

Nothing is believed to have been taken.

A resident on nearby Williams Street reported seeing the group of men on that street at approximately the same time, though no description of a vehicle was obtained.