Founded in January 2011, Community Plates is committed to ending American food-insecurity through direct-transfer food rescue. Established as a nonprofit food-rescue platform, Community Plates is focused on transferring healthy, usable foods to where it can help feed those in need. This volunteer-driven, technology-fueled process coordinates with restaurants, grocers, bakeries, caterers and other food-service organizations who have foods destined to be thrown away and delivers the food to soup-kitchens, food-pantries and other hunger relief organizations who serve food-insecure individuals and families.

Community Plates understands that American food-insecurity is not a problem of having enough food but simply a problem of logistics. The platform is powered by a breakthrough, proprietary web and smartphone application that enables volunteers to operate at maximum efficiency and productivity and it is those passionate, generous volunteers that make the platform scalable and sustainable.

Co-Founder and Executive Director Kevin Mullins has spearheaded Community Plates since its inception. To date, Community Plates has rescued more than 600,000 pounds of food. There are now more than 300 volunteers nationally (200 in Fairfield County) currently rescuing food from 40 food donors (23 in Fairfield County) and deliver to 30 receiving agencies (15 in Fairfield County). Food is never stored in a warehouse, but it is immediately delivered to receiving agencies that have been specifically matched with food donors. Programs were launched in Albuquerque, N.M., in January 2012 and in Columbus, Ohio in April 2012, and one more will be added this year. The 2013 initiative is underway targeting 6 new sites across the country.

Donors include Starbucks, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Fairway Market, (Fairfield County) Bull's Head Market, Match Restaurant, Barcelona and bartaco.

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