DARIEN — For author Kelly Corrigan, it was a dinner conversation that sparked her fourth, and latest, book, “Tell Me More.”

The conversation, she said, was the difference between saying “I’m sorry,” and saying “I was wrong.”

“I started to really get passionate about how much it is to hear ‘I was wrong’ than ‘I’m sorry,’ and that got me thinking about story experiences, and got me thinking about being on both sides of that statement,” Corrigan said. She’ll return to Darien on Jan. 10 at 11:30 for a reading from “Tell Me More.”

“It’s a collection of stories about these very hard things I’m learning to say, like, ‘I don’t know,’ and ‘I was wrong,’ and other enabling sentences that make love and connections and relationships possible,” Corrigan said.

This is Corrigan’s second visit, once again sponsored by the Community Fund of Darien and Barrett Bookstore.

“It’s a fun group of smart, curious, women who show up for these readings,” she said. “They have a great sense of humor, and there’s tons of energy in the room. It was such a blast last time.”

Corrigan’s books are non-fiction personal essays, all true stories from her own life, and the lives of friends and family. Among those experiences is her diagnosis at age 36 of breast cancer. “It’s really hard to get your head around not being able to know why certain things happen,” Corrigan said. Breast cancer is not in her family. “I’m not really in any of the risk categories, she said. “I just am not going to be able to know.”

“I always wanted to write, and I wrote a lot in high school and college and graduate school,” she said, but it was reading a book by Anne Lamott that changed her writing from fiction to non-fiction.

More Information

Kelly Corrigan reading

Jan. 10

11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Country Club of Darien

tickets $150 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kelly-corrigan-is-coming-back-to-darien-tickets-39658650090

ticket price includes food stations, refreshments, and a signed copy of “Tell Me More”

“I thought, ‘oh, this is so fun to read,’ and I didn’t even know this was a category of books. I didn’t even know this was allowed.”

Her first effort, “The Middle Place,” went well, she said. “It was kind of a joy to share it, so I did it again,” Corrigan said. “I think I do have a novel in me, and I’ve written 100-plus pages, and I’ve written a screenplay but I haven’t gone public with it yet. But I think I will someday.”