Creativity and cool activities combined with good times Saturday afternoon when the Darien Youth Commission held its annual Community Festival of Arts & Sciences.

Kids and their parents came to Town Hall to take a look at a range of art- and science-related displays and hands-on activities, as well as enjoying introductions to different local organizations and businesses.

“It’s an opportunity for kids to just have a hands-on experience,” said Alicia Sillars, youth director.

“It’s a lot of fun,” she said, “and very, very low key.”

The day began with Bubblemania, featuring the soap-bubble stylings of Casey Carle in the auditorium.

Over in the gymnasium a dozen tables included a range of craft works, science experiments, agricultural activities, face painting, food and more, as well as performances by the Darien Arts Center’s dance troupe.

“It’s kind of nice to just get the community together,” said parent Laura Cortese, who grew up in Darien.

“I used to walk here with my sister,” she said, “so it’s really great that my kids get to do it too.”

Various groups were represented, including for the first time this year both the Darien Gardening Club and the Darien Advisory Club on Sustainability.

“It really gets the community to interact with the local businesses and local nonprofits,” said Laura Pesce-Gray, who was there on behalf of the Darien Environmental Group.

She said her organization was partnered with the elementary schools this year for an initiative to save water called “Every Drop Counts.” Thanks to the festival, she said, they were able to spread the word that much further.

“People are so busy these days,” Pesce-Gray said, “but it’s nice to get to come out and meet the community and the people that reflect the community.”