Chocolate central: Darien sweet shop works extra hours Easter week to ensure extra smiles

The owner of Darien’s Chocolate Works, Meredith Scheine, sounds like she has two phones, one in each hand, trying to keep up with demand.

And no surprise — according to, Easter is the biggest holiday for chocolate sales, surpassing even Valentine’s Day and Halloween. And Scheine and her husband, Greg, are not complaining. They need the support.

The impact of slowing foot traffic, social distancing and having to close in-store shopping has been a challenging one for the small mom and pop business on the Post Road. Scheine said she’s not sure what the future looks like after the Easter rush. The later spring and summertime is already a slow season, so having her busiest time affected isn’t easy.

That’s why the Chocolate Works skeleton crew is working around the clock to make every store-made bunny and confection perfect, and to fill every order they can. They are grateful for the business, and need the support. But behind that, Meredith says its about bring joy and happiness to Darien residents for the holiday during a stressful time.

Chocolate Works will fill custom Easter basket orders for Saturday pick up that are made by noon on Friday, April 10. Those who miss that cut off can still pick up baskets and sweet sweets to stuff them with on Saturday. Meredith is practicing safe distancing by leaving orders outside on the table for customers to pick up.

Chocolate Works does not have a website, Meredith said. Customers interested to see inventory can visit or the company’s instagram page, at Orders can be called in or emailed in, but either way, Meredith needs to call the customers back to take payment.

Options for baskets include dark, milk or white chocolate for your bunnies, eggs, and lollipops and add in festive candy, toys, and more. The prices range anywhere from $25-$60 depending on the chosen items. Meredith also has allergy free, nut free and gluten free options, and items dipped in chocolate like pretzels and marshmallows. There are also large chocolate eggs that can be personalized with names.

Chocolate Works can also send care packages to teams working on the front lines curing the pandemic.

To order, call 203-202-7067 or email to

Chocolate works will be open from 8 to 8 on Friday and Saturday to fill every order they can.

“All we want is to bring everyone some joy right now,” Meredith said.