DARIEN — Eight juveniles were affected by chlorine exposure Saturday afternoon at Country Club of Darien, six of which were later hospitalized.

Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson of Darien police said police responded to the country club around 3 p.m. after receiving reports of what was believed to be chlorine exposure.

“We had eight juveniles in total affected,” Johnson said. “Six of them were transported to the hospital for treatment.”

Several police units, as well as fire and EMS, responded to the club, Johnson said.

He said it was determined that a small group of juveniles — ranging in age from 8 to 16 — had symptoms of chlorine exposure. EMS recommended quarantine for those affected so they could be properly evaluated.

EMS evaluated seven juveniles at the country club and decided five of them needed to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

Johnson said about 15 minutes after responding to the country club, police received a call from a resident in town about a female juvenile complaining of asthma symptoms, more severe than normal.

It was discovered the juvenile was at the country club earlier when the incident occurred, Johnson said. But she left before emergency personnel arrived and was not evaluated at the scene.

Johnson said upon evaluation at the residence, it was determined her asthma was exacerbated by the chlorine exposure and she was transported to the hospital.

He said all of the juveniles were alert and conscious throughout the incident and evaluations.

As for what caused the chlorine exposure? That is still to be determined, Johnson said.

He said most of the people affected were in the pool at the time and, because of this, they believe the exposure was caused by the pool system.

But Johnson said a cause will not be confirmed until the fire department completes its investigation.