Caucus held for Darien Republicans, new committee members named

Darien Republicans held caucus, named new committee members.

Darien Republicans held caucus, named new committee members.


The Darien Republican Town Committee held its caucus on Jan. 13, 2020. This Caucus was called exclusively to endorse candidates for the Darien Republican Town Committee. No other business will be in order. The Caucus will endorse candidates to serve on the Darien RTC for the 2020 - 22 term.

Candidates approved included:

• Sayan Chakraborty, District 2

• Alexander H. Davidson, District 2

• James J. Demark, District 1

• Bonnie Frate Dora, District 6

• Christopher Emme, District 5

• Robert J. Fiordaliso, District 6

• John Davies Goodwin, Jr., District 6

• Robert A. Hulick, District 3

• Ann-Gail B. Hult, District 2

• John F. King, District 1

• Tracy H. Marra, District 2

• Douglas J. McKay, District 4

• Belinda Bewkes Metzger, District 1

• Marcy A. Minnick, District 5

• Michael Patrick Murray, District 4

• Parker Rand-Riccardi, District 3

• Raymond D. Slavin, District 6

• James Edward Solberg, District 2

• Christopher H. Taylor, District 6

• Rachel B. Taylor, District 6

• Bert H. von Stuelpnagel, District 1

"The Darien RTC is pleased to welcome six new members to our committee. Together, we look forward to supporting our terrific elected officials in town, like Representative Terrie Wood and First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. They are advocates for Darien who continue to work hard to protect the town from the overreaching Democrat leadership in Hartford,” said Chris Taylor, chairman of the Republican Town Committee.