Car-wash employee hurt in freak accident

A 32-year-old Splash Car Wash employee was hospitalized with leg injuries after being pinned between two cars in a freak accident, police said.

On May 25 around 1:15 p.m., the employee drove a black 2006 Infiniti into a wash bay at the Post Road business and parked it behind a blue 2005 Mercedes. Another employee entered the Infiniti to detail the interior. Shortly afterward, the Infiniti lurched forward, pinning a third employee between the two cars.

The pinned man was brought to the hospital with lower leg injuries. According to the car owners, neither car had known defects. Police are investigating the incident but believe the Infiniti may have been left in drive or accidentally placed in gear while being detailed. No charges are contemplated or pending at this time.

Swastika, racial slur drawn on tennis court

Racially charged slurs and symbols were found drawn in chalk on the tennis courts at Weed Beach.

Officers responded to reports of the vandalism on May 27 around 10:55 a.m. On one tennis court at the beach complex were several pieces of graffiti, including a swastika and a racial slur. A third word was written but was illegible. The swastika was 18 inches by 18 inches and the slur was one foot by three feet.

The officers were able to immediately remove the chalk markings and no permanent damage was done to the court. Officers could not find any witnesses or further evidence. Police, who said there are no suspects at this time, refused to release any more details about the incident.

Sewage dumped behind Darien cemetery

Police are investigating raw sewage illegally dumped behind a mausoleum at St. John’s Cemetery.

Around May 20, a visitor at the cemetery smelled a strong, foul odor coming from behind a mausoleum near the river that runs along the west side of the property. The cemetery manager found someone had dumped a large amount of raw sewage on the river bank sometime during the week before.

On May 23, officers went to inspect the scene at the Camp Avenue land. They found truck tire marks 15 feet from the sewage, meaning a septic tank had likely been hauled there and a hose had been used to dispel the sewage.

The Noroton Heights Fire Department responded and put down hazmat absorbent material to prevent the waste from further polluting the water. The fire department also notified the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to tell them of the spill.

Anyone with potential evidence on this incident can contact the police department at 203-662-5300.

Norwalk man charged with DUI

A 42-year-old Norwalk man pulled over for erratic driving was charged with drunk driving.

On May 19 around 1 a.m., an officer on patrol saw a car in front of him swerving between lanes while driving on Interstate 95. The officer pulled over the car and spoke with the driver, Adam Niedzwiecki, of Theodore Lane.

Niedzwiecki told the officer he was driving home to Norwalk from a soccer game in Stamford. He told the officer he’d had two beers. The 42-year-old was having a difficult time speaking and his speech was slurred. The officer also noticed Niedzwiecki’s eyes were glassy and red and the smell of alcohol was coming from the car and his breath.

Niedzwiecki was asked to exit the car and perform a field sobriety test, which he failed.

He was charged with driving under the influence. He was brought back to the Darien Police Department where he was given a breathalyzer test. His blood alcohol content at 1:38 a.m. was .181. A second test at 1:57 a.m. showed it to be .189.

Niedzwiecki posted a $250 cash bond and was released at 2:20 a.m. He was given a court date of May 31.

Fairfield man charged with DUI

A 56-year-old Fairfield man was charged with driving under the influence after he was pulled over for swerving on the Post Road, police said.

On May 26 around 9:15 p.m., an officer saw a car swerve closely to the vehicle in the lane next to it. The car then failed to turn right in a turn lane and kept switching between lanes without signaling.

The officer pulled over the car and asked the driver, Robert John Moore, of Aspen Wood Lane, for license and registration. Moore fumbled around the car to find the paperwork. The officer noticed his speech was slurred and asked Moore how much he had to drink. Moore said he had nothing.

The officer asked Moore to submit to a field sobriety test and asked him again how much he had to drink. Moore said he had one drink. He then failed the test and was charged with driving under the influence and failing to drive in the proper lane.

Moore was taken to headquarters, where he refused a breathalyzer test. He was released on a $250 bond and given a June 6 court date.

New Canaan man charged after spat with ex-wife

Police charged a 54-year-old New Canaan man with trespassing after he allegedly got into an argument with his ex-wife.

On May 24 around 8:15 p.m., Jeffrey Sparks went to his ex-wife’s Indian Spring Trail home to drop off her child. After leaving, Sparks told his ex-wife he wanted to give the child an emergency credit card in the child’s name. She texted him and told him not to come back. About 10 minutes later, the New Canaan man arrived at the house and knocked on the front door. When asked, he said he was there to give the child the credit card. The ex-wife asked Sparks to leave and he refused to do so. The Darien woman told Sparks she was calling the police and he said, “Go ahead.”

After Sparks left the Darien house, police contacted him and Sparks told the police he had not checked his texts before returning to the house. When he arrived, his ex wouldn’t let him give the child the card, he told the police. He said he didn’t think his ex would really call the police and when officers didn’t arrive, he left. He said he didn’t see the text until he returned to his New Canaan home.

Police issued Sparks, of South Avenue, a misdemeanor summons for first-degree trespassing. He appeared in court in Stamford on May 25.

Florida man allegedly fled after minor car accident

A 23-year-old Florida man was charged after he allegedly left the scene of a minor car accident at the intersection of Post Road and Corbin Drive.

On May 25 around 5 p.m., Franky Hilario, of 131st Street in Silver Springs, Fla., was attempting to merge out of the right-hand turn lane into the left-hand eastbound lane. As he attempted to merge, the front driver’s side of his car hit the right rear corner of another car. The car then passed him on the left side and veered into oncoming traffic. Hilario drove away.

The victim called police, who found Hilario on Raymond Street. He told police he had passed another car at the intersection but didn’t think he’d hit another car.

Both cars had damage consistent with the victim’s account. Hilario was issued a misdemeanor for evading responsibility and improper passing. He’s scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior Court on June 5.

Bridgeport man hit with motor vehicle charges

A 21-year-old Bridgeport man was hit with a slew of motor vehicle-related charges after being pulled over for not having a front license plate, police said.

On May 26 around 10:15 a.m., an officer pulled over a car going westbound on the Post Road that did not have a front license plate. The driver, Kevin Parada-Mendoza, of Shelton Street, was also not wearing a seat belt. The officer checked and found there was no record of the vehicle in the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles system.

When the officer pulled Parada-Mendoza over, the Bridgeport man identified himself as “Oscar Alexis Campos” and said he didn’t have any identification on him. He told the officer the car belonged to him, but it wasn’t registered. He also admitted it was uninsured and the license plate he had was bought from a friend. He also said he didn’t have a license.

The officer noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from the open driver’s side window. Parada-Mendoza said he didn’t have marijuana and denied smoking. The smell caused the officer to search the car where he found an El Salvador passport in a concealed compartment under the driver’s seat. The passport revealed Parada-Mendoza’s real name. He told the officer he lied because he didn’t want to get arrested.

Parada-Mendoza was consequently arrested for interfering with an investigation by giving a false name. He was also charged for failure to insure, driving an unregistered car, driving without a license or license plate and failing to wear a seat belt.

During booking, police found Parada-Mendoza was also wanted in Stratford on a drunk-driving charge. Darien Police contacted Stratford Police, who took custody of the Bridgeport man. Darien police released him on a promise to appear in court on June 5.

— Erin Kayata