Most Darienites can expect to see their power returned by Wednesday night, according to Mitch Gross, a spokesman for Connecticut Light & Power.

The utility company currently has 30 line crews and a dozen tree crews stationed in the town, working 16-hour shifts to clear the more than 130 locations with downed trees and power lines, Gross said during an 11 a.m. press conference at the Darien Town Garage on Ledge Road.

As of that time, 3,284 -- roughly 42 percent -- of Darien residences were still out of power.

"We're pouring unprecedented resources, materials and people into this area," Gross said. The utility company has received mutual aid from other agencies in the northeast, with crews coming in from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Quebec. Additional crews from Maryland and Pennsylvania were scheduled to arrive later Tuesday, according to Gross.

"There are a lot of resources coming through," said Darien Police Chief Duane Lovello. "I think people are going to see a big difference after today."

While the majority of Darienites can expect to see their power return on Wednesday evening, 100 percent restoration will take an few extra days, Gross said. The crews are working to restore main arteries first, and residents at the end of streets and circuits may have to wait until the weekend for power.

Gross also said that some residents who currently have power may have their service interrupted as crews switch off some sections in order to work on the lines.

"We're going to keep working until we're done," he said.

Darien is not the only town in Southwest Connecticut experiencing massive power outages.

Greenwich and Stamford, which currently have 52 and 14 percent of residences in the dark, respectively, can expect to have power restored by Thursday evening, Gross said.

New Canaan, Westport and Norwalk, which have 56, 38 and 15 percent of households out of power, respectively, are on the same schedule as Darien, and Wilton, where 5 percent of residences are without power, will see service returned tonight, according to Gross.