The Connecticut Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities hosts a series of lectures for parents titled "Let's Talk: My Child Has a Learning Disability. What Should I Do?" Parents will discover all the opportunities their child has as Rena Schine, Ph. D., school psychologist/advocate, shares her knowledge about what the law and school system have to offer to help maximize each child's potential.

The first lecture, Know Your Child: What do the tests say about your child? will be held on Thursday, March 8. The lecture, "Know the Law: What do the Federal and State laws mandate?" will take place Thursday, March 15. Another lecture, "Know the School: How can I be sure the school is meeting my child's needs?" will take place Thursday, March 22. Schine will explain the referral process, planning and placement team meetings, why there can be so much conflict and confusion, and how to measure the child's progress. These lectures will help parents better understand their children's options.

Each lecture runs from 10:15 a.m. to noon and is limited to 10 participants. This series is intended for beginning parents looking for answers. The fee for the three-lecture series is $45 for CACLD members, $50 for nonmembers. Pre-registration is required. Call 203-838-5010 to register with a credit card. The lectures will take place at The Connecticut Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, 25 Van Zant Street, second floor, East Norwalk.

Founded in 1963, the Connecticut Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to ensure access to the resources needed to help children and adults with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders achieve their full potential. CACLD is a regional organization that supports individuals, families, caregivers and professionals by providing information, education and consultation while promoting public awareness and understanding. CACLD offers information on more than 100 relevant topics including: schools, therapists, counselors, tutors and camps.

For the help line, current information or to become a member call 203-838-5010 or visit

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