DARIEN—There’s virtually nothing that Jeff Brameier hasn’t accomplished in his run as the head of Darien lacrosse.

This season, the Blue Wave won their fifth-straight FCIAC title and made it to the Class L finals before losing to Ridgefield by a single goal—snapping their 76-game win streak.

So, when he was voted Coach of the Year by his peers in the FCIAC, he really attests that success to the entire program, not just himself.

“There are 16 coaches in the league, I probably got four or five votes,” Brameier laughed. “I don’t think I was an overwhelming winner of any Coach of the Year, it’s just one of those things.”

By his own admission, Brameier isn’t a fan of touting himself, but he does view the title as a testament to the entire town.

“Usually when you have success those kinds of awards come, and you hope that you garner respect from other coaches and that kind of stuff,” Brameier said. “So, for me, obviously with the success we’ve had in the program those awards have come. I’m not knocking them down, I just kind of look at it as it’s really about what the town offers me; it’s a great place to coach, it gives me a lot of great athletes and good lacrosse kids, so it’s really a testament to the continued success of all our programs. That’s why in a lot of our sports you see coaches getting Coach of the Year.”

While on the surface winning the award may not mean as much to Brameier because of his decades of experience, he still views it as something that can be meaningful to those that may not have his track record—especially coaches just starting out.

“I’ve felt it’s one of those things for the younger coaches,” he said. “It’s a feather in their cap to help them and help promote the program. For an old fart like me it’s recognition of the program and what we’ve accomplished…I’ve certainly played a part in developing the Darien lacrosse program, but there’s a lot of pieces that come with it.”

While his modesty is a becoming trait, don’t let Brameier undersell what Darien has been able to do—especially the last several years.

In 2017 Darien finished at No. 1 in the Under Armour/Inside Lacrosse National Poll, and sat at No. 2 for much of this year.

In the past four seasons, Darien’s record sits at an almost impossible 110-4. So, even though the championship loss hurts, it does little to take away the run that Darien has been on in recent memory.

“It gives you solace and perspective,” Brameier said of the loss. “We had our banquet and were able to celebrate our other accomplishments.”

And that list just keeps growing.

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