NORWALK -- A Norwalk man convicted for the sexual assault of a fellow Darien fire cadet in 2008 was arrested for violating his probation after his GPS monitoring device showed he was making unauthorized trips for beer in Port Chester, N.Y. and to the beach over Memorial Day weekend.

Registered sex offender Marcus Velez, 21, of 33 Fair St., second floor, was arraigned at the Norwalk courthouse Thursday and ordered by Judge Bruce Hudock to be held in lieu of $25,000 bond. Hudock transferred the case to Friday's Part A docket in Stamford where the most serious criminal cases in the area are decided.

Velez, whose probation requires him to be monitored with a global positioning device and is only allowed to leave his home for work, church, treatment and probation appointments, violated his probation by making scores of unauthorized trips that included beer runs to Port Chester and visits to Calf Pasture Beach over the Memorial Day weekend, his arrest warrant said.

This would not be the first time Velez violated his probation.

After he was convicted in August 2008 of third-degree sexual assault in the Darien incident, Velez, an aspiring police officer, was given a five-year suspended sentence, 10 years probation and required to remain in the state Sex Offender Registry for 10 years.

Velez pleaded guilty to violating his probation in January 2010 after making unapproved visits to the mall, golf course and beach, and for using marijuana.

At the time, he told his probation officer he was "rebelling against not being able to do what normal 19-year-olds do."

At that point, Velez was allowed to continue serving his probation sentence unchanged.

But penalties for violation probation can vary from no time served to being required by a judge to serve one's entire suspended sentence -- which in the case of Velez is five years.

Velez said that he was just tired of staying at home and he wanted to go out and have some fun, the affidavit said.