After a brief discussion about the budgets and what the Board of Finance would like to see in the future from the Board of Education, the town and school budgets were unanimously approved.

BOF Chairman Liz Mao said she supported the school budgets but would like to see the BOE live within its budget for next year considering they were getting a 6 percent increase. Board member Murray Stegelmann agreed and said he would approve the budget as long as the BOE understood he would not vote for an overrun if additional expenses are incurred for the 2011-2012 school year.

"My view is that we're giving you what you asked for and I'm telling you right now I won't vote for an overrun," Stegelmann said. "If oil prices go up, you need to find a way to deal with it."

As a result of tonight's vote, the mill rate will increase to 12.2 percent with a collection assumption of 98.9 percent. Mao apologized for the increase in taxes but said it was necessary in order to balance the budgets.

The final school budget total $76,313,085; the town's budget is $38,798,405; the capital projects budget for the schools is $1,424,575 and all but $24,000 of that amount will be funded through the reserve fund.

The BOF will meet again on April 12 to discuss the current $408,000 deficit the schools are currently running.

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