John C. Bogle, founder and retired CEO of the Vanguard Group will speak at Saint Luke's Discovery Hour from 9 to 10 a.m. Sunday, May 8. He will speak on "The Morals of the Marketplace: the Ethical Imperatives of Money, Business and Life." His talk will be held in the Saint Luke's Parish Hall and is open to the public.

Named by Time Magazine in 2004 as one of the "world's most powerful and influential people," Bogle served as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Investment Company Institute in 1969-1970, and as a member of the Board in 1969-1974. In 1997, he was appointed by then-U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt to serve on the Independence Standards Board. In 2000, he was chosen by the Commonwealth's Chamber of Commerce as Pennsylvania's Business Leader of the Year.

A best-selling author, Bogle has written nine books on investing and personal responsibility, beginning with "Bogle on Mutual Funds:New Perspectives for the Intelligent Investor (1993);" "Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor (1999);" "John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years (2000);" "Character Counts: The Creation and Building of the Vanguard Group (2002);" "Battle for the Soul of Capitalism (2005);" "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing (2007);" "Enough: True Measures of Money, Business, and Life (2008)," and "Common Sense on Mutual Funds, Fully Updated 10th. Anniversary Edition (2009)." His ninth book book, "Don't Count On It! Reflections on Investment Illusions, Capitalism," Mutual" Funds, Indexing, Entrepreneurship, Idealism, and Heroes, was published by John Wiley in October 20l0.

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