On Jan. 13, at about 4:30 p.m., officers responded to the Mobil gas station at 211 Post Road for the report an individual currently attempting to steal a car from the property.

The station is located in very close proximity to the entrance and exit ramp of Exit 13 in Darien on I95.

While enroute, officers were advised that the suspect had departed the scene in a Black Subaru Legacy which had been reported stolen out of Bridgeport. Shortly after the incident was called in, Darien Police were notified by the state police that the Black Subaru had been involved in a stolen vehicle from the I-95N rest area in Darien.

When interviewed, the complainant stated he was behind the counter when he observed a black male exit a black Subaru. The male then got into the driver’s seat of a customer’s vehicle that had been un-occupied. After a short time, the suspect exited the vehicle, returning to the black Subaru, at which time he drove off of the property.

A review of the station’s security cameras shows the black Subaru, with multiple occupants, parked in the lot appearing to watch customers at the gas pumps. One of the individuals exits the Subaru, enters the customer’s vehicle (a Chevrolet Tahoe) and appears to try and move the vehicle as the brake lights are seen going on and off. The suspect appears to realize that the vehicle cannot be moved, and returns to the Subaru which subsequently pulls out of the lot. It was later determined that the owner of the Tahoe had left his vehicle running with the doors unlocked, but took the key-fob with him into the store.