Emily Lord, 28, of 27 Linstrom Road, Stamford, was arrested on a charge of violating a protective order after police said she had an altercation with her ex-girlfriend in the Darien Starbucks parking lot March 13.

Police said Lord allowed the victim to go through her cellphone, but when she reached a particular section of texts, Lord grabbed her arm and asked for her phone back. According to the report, Lord threw her arms up with closed fists and the victim covered her head with her arms.

When the phone was returned to Lord, she remained angry, according to the report, and the victim reported feeling threatened.

Police said the couple has a history of domestic incidents and that there is a partial protective order against Lord.

The victim reported the incident to police at headquarters, and when Lord arrived, she told police she had asked for her phone multiple times but the victim would not return it and that the victim actually threw her arms up with closed fists.

She posted $500 bond and appeared in court March 14.

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