Amy Simon Fine Art, located at 1869 Post Road East in Westport, announces its latest exhibition, "Colorblind."

This four-person show opens March 17 and includes the work of Qin Feng, Wei Jia, Paul Shakespear and David Shapiro. These highly accomplished artists utilize a variety of different mediums, but all create powerful work, often times with very little color. This show sets out to explore the poignancy of art that is devoid of color.

The works of Qin Feng carry the knowledge of great Chinese artistic tradition. His sweeping brush strokes are executed with pride and self-assurance.

The paintings and works on paper are fierce and determined with an intensity reminiscent of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. Feng creates a charged style that organically merges elements of Chinese art with Western expressionistic language. Both his black and white and monochromatic pieces express the energy of human emotion. He describes his brushstrokes as being a reflection of his life, an accumulation of lived experiences and a deep understanding of human nature. His art explores the essence of beauty, combining the best from the East and West.

Wei Jia's layered and collaged paintings and works on paper have a delicate texture, translucent quality and subtle play of positive and negative space.

With graduating shades of beige, black and white, he recreates Chinese calligraphy into his own form of abstraction. His works are an intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, a blending of past generations into his own contemporary style.

Paul Shakespear makes abstract paintings with up to 40 layers of acrylic, some of which are topped off with a high gloss. Viewers are drawn deeply into these contemplative painitngs. They are dense, fascinating and elegant.

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The surfaces of Shakespear's minimalist works are luminous and challenging. His monochromatic paintings reveal themselves slowly as viewers are drawn in to the tactile and sensual pools of paint.

Arriving in the New York art scene in the early 70s, David Shapiro has been a highly respected artist for more than four decades. His works are often done in grids and sections. Patterns are interwoven and animated by the artist's brush. The works evoke a boundlessness in forms and movement, yet they have an undeniable Minimalist sensibility. Tension is evoked between inwardness and outwardness. He is an artist whose mystical works pay tribute to the best of modernist tradition.

Colorblind is on view from March 17 through April 28. There is an opening reception on Saturday March 17 from 5 to 7 p.m. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information call 203-259-1500 or visit