DARIEN — The CBS Sunday evening program “60 Minutes” and the New Covenant Center, a social services volunteer program based in Stamford, may engage in vastly different fields but, according to Jeff Fager, they both perform as a public service.

“We do have a lot in common (with the New Covenant Center). It’s a public service, what (the New Covenant Center and “60 Minutes”) do. The Center does the Lord’s work and I think everybody should be extremely proud of that,” Fager said.

The “60 Minutes” executive producer was the keynote speaker at the 14th annual New Covenant Center Celebrity Breakfast.

“We still think of “60 Minutes” as a public service and I think that’s the secret to our success,” Fager said. “Our stories are about impact and one of the most important ones we did last year was about the opioid crisis in America.”

Attendees had questions for Fager after his speech, which ranged from the recent “60 Minutes” interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels to reporting under the Trump administration.

“This is a crazy year, it’s a crazy season in so many ways. It’s hard to keep up with the amount of change that’s happening in the Trump era,” Fager, who has been at “60 Minutes” for 14 seasons, said.

The breakfast, which highlighted the Center’s work and fundraising efforts, also honored Randy Salvatore, founder and CEO of RMS Companies, with the Founder’s Award.

Salvatore and RMS Companies managed the construction of the New Covenant Center at 174 Richmond Hill Ave. in Stamford. The work was done on a pro bono basis.

“I really accept this award on behalf of all the people who work in day in and day out,” Salvatore said. “Thousands of families depend on the services provided by the Center in our very own community. I’m so proud to be associated with such a wonderful organization.

Ed Kearns, the co-chair of the New Covenant Center advisory board, emphasized the importance of volunteer efforts. “We moved to 174 Richmond Hill Ave. three years ago and it’s great for us to be able to help people with basic needs like food and haircuts.”

Through the breakfast, Kearns said the foremost goal was to “generate new volunteers and funding” for the Center.

The New Covenant Center was also celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Leisa Hinds-Simpson, an administrator at New Covenant Center, coordinated the event along with other staff members and volunteers.

“We’re very excited and happy and this fundraiser is a springboard for other things,” Hinds-Simpson said. “We want to surpass the funds needed for our annual budget — $1 million — and with that we’ll be able to have a larger impact not only in Stamford but in surrounding towns as well.”

The event was held at the Woodway Country Club in Darien. Around 250 people attended the event on a foggy Wednesday morning.



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