DARIEN — A local man told police Friday that he was the victim of a Craigslist scam that left him with $2,500 in counterfeit money.

According to the report, the victim was selling a camera and arranged to meet a potential buyer at the Starbucks on the Post Road Thursday. The seller was running late and said when he got to the parking lot a Hispanic male with a thin mustache and a black “bun” style haircut, wearing khakis and a white button-down shirt and carrying a red and black duffel bag was there waiting for him.

The man, according to the victim, confirmed he was the person who wished to the buy the camera.

The two went inside the coffee shop, and the victim showed the man the camera. He told police the man did not seem familiar with cameras and told him he was buying it for his father. The suspect put the camera in the duffel bag and produced a large amount of cash, counting out the $2,500. After paying for the camera, the suspect left.

At that point, the victim held one of the $100 bills up to the light and discovered there was no watermark. He went outside to the confront the man, who was walking away at a “brisk pace.” When the victim began to run, so did the suspect, who ran to Sedgewick Avenue where he got into a waiting white sedan with New York plates.

The victim tried texting the man several times but got no response. Police confirmed the bills — 14 $100 bills and 20 $50 bills — were all counterfeit.

An investigation is continuing.