MIDDLETOWN — The overall results of Friday’s mandatory recount of Tuesday’s Democratic primary ballots for common council remained unchanged, with town committee-endorsed candidate Bobbye Knoll Peterson maintaining her win over For All Middletown member Common Councilman Gerry Daley.

While it also did not change the outcome, the recount meant Daley was surpassed in the rankings by Anthony Mangiafico, a high school principal for East Hartford Public Schools, who gained four votes for a total of 1,665 (unofficially).

Peterson, vice chairwoman of her party and campaign manager for mayoral primary winner Ben Florshiem, maintained her position for November’s election, with 1,681 votes (in unofficial numbers). Her results were unchanged in the recount.

Daley, who ran with the For All Middletown group, lost two in the recount, ending up with 1,662 votes (unofficially).

These are unofficial results, pending review by the Secretary of State’s office. Exact totals for each candidate were not yet available by press time.

“The election process has been fair, this has been fair. Now I hope we can all work together to move the Democratic party in Middletown forward,” Peterson said.

“I learned a lot today. Some things I learned give me more concern than I had this morning,” said Daley, who added he’d be reviewing his options moving forward.

“There are evidentiary and obvious irregularities,” Daley’s attorney, John Kennelly, said. “These are things we’ll be discussing and investigating.”

The day’s events were prompted by a 17-vote spread between two Democratic candidates from opposing slates: those endorsed by the town committee, and others in the For All Middletown group (the alternative slate that ran with mayoral candidate Public Works Director Bill Russo, who was unsuccessful in his bid).

In all, 4,089 ballots were sent through two tabulating machines Friday in an effort to determine whether the outcome would change.

“This is unprecedented to have this amount of interest in municipal elections,” DTC-endorsed Common Council candidate Vinnie Loffredo said.

As the count began, Daley said he didn’t expect things would change substantially for he and Peterson.

“There’s always a question about absentees and hand-counted ballots. That’s where things are more likely to change,” he said.

Also, on primary day, there were machine malfunctions at Lawrence and Wesley elementary schools. Because of that, Daley said, “I’d always wonder if we didn’t go through this (recanvass) process.”

Peterson’s friends have been asking her if she was nervous about the recount.

“It’s part of the process. It was a close election, and this is why we tell people you have to vote,” said Peterson. .

“I’m not worried at all. I trust everyone in that room. They’re going to do it right, they’re going to do a good job, and I’m confident in the results,” she added.

Recounts 30 years ago involved opening the back of the old gear-and-lever standard voting machines and reading the counts. A representative from the Democrats and Republicans watched the proceedings, Loffredo said.

“The difference in technology is amazing,” he said.

Anticipation hung in the air during the nearly nine-hour process in City Hall Council Chambers, as about 11 people awaited results, moving in and out of the room and building throughout the day.

The recanvass, which started at 9 a.m., began about 10 minutes late. Observers weren’t permitted to come any closer to the proceedings than the front row of seats.

“It’s kind of like watching a movie,” head moderator Adam Fleming explained to witnesses.

District 1 (Macdonough): FAM candidate Sonia Santavenere picked up one vote (79 to 80).

District 2 (Spencer): DTC candidate Loffredo picked up one vote (107 to 108), while three lost one: FAM Daley (95 to 94), FAM Common Councilman W. Vance Cotten Sr. (101 to 100) and FAM Dicarlo (84 to 83).

District 3 (Lawrence): Jeanette White lost two (187 to 185), and the following lost one: DTC Common Councilman Gene Nocera (217 to 216), Loffredo (347 to 346) DTC Common Councilman Grady Faulkner (324 to 323), DTC Darnell Ford (349 to 348), DTC Ed McKeon (301 to 300), Daley (256 to 257), FAM Deputy Mayor Robert Santangelo (194 to 193), Cotten (182 to 181)

District 4 (Moody): The following lost one vote: Nocera (357 to 356), Loffredo (347 to 346), Faulkner (324 to 323), Ford (349 to 348), McKeon (301 to 300), Daley (257 to 256), Santangelo (233 to 232), Santavenere (243 to 242), Cotten (203 to 202), FAM Tina Meijas (226 to 225), Dicarlo (216 to 215)

District 5 (Snow): Only Cotten lost one (152 to 151)

District 6 (Wesley): White gained two votes (266 to 268), Nocera, four (306 to 310), Loffredo five (256 to 261), Faulkner, three (230 to 233), Ford, four (224 to 228), McKeon, three (226 to 229), Carta, one (221 to 222), Peterson, three (195 to 198), Mangiafico, three (201 to 204), and Santavenere lost one (174 to 173)

District 7 (South Fire): Carta gained a vote (127 to 128) and Santavenere lost one (79 to 78)

District 8 (Bielefield): Nocera gained one (534 to 535), White lost one ((461 to 462), Faulkner gained two (424 to 426), Ford lost one (419 to 418), Carta gained one (402 to 403), Peterson lost two (382 to 380), Daley gained two (383 to 385), Mangiafico gained one (356 to 357), Pagano, one, (342 to 343), Santavenere, two (308 to 310), Cotten gained two (330 to 332), Mejias gained two (287 to 289).

District 9 (Fayerweather): Nocera gained eight votes (90 to 98), Daley lost one (36 to 35), Cotten lost one (41 to 40) and DiCarlos lost one (32 to 31).

The winners will go up against the Republican slate of Matt Scarrozzo, Tony Gennaro, Linda Salafia, Mike Marino, Ed Ford Jr., Phil Pessina, Jon Pulino and Hope Kasper on Election Day. Common Council Minority Leader Sebastian N. Giuliano is at the top of that ticket, running against Florshiem.

Meanwhile, For All Middletown mayoral candidate Bill Russo said he would not seek to run under a minor party affiliation.

Common Council Majority Leader Mary Bartolotta didn’t return an email asking for her intentions by press time.

Valeka Clarke, who didn’t get enough signatures to qualify for the primary, has registered as a write-in for the November election.