Hollow Tree debuts brand-new wine storage concept to the community

Subterranean vault now open for tours to entice local collectors, restaurateurs, and retailers

On Oct. 21, the partners at Hollow Tree Self Storage in Darien debuted their brand-new wine storage vault to the community. The ribbon cutting was attended by members of the Darien Chamber of Commerce and First Selectman Monica McNally.

The celebrations continued on Oct. 22 with a grand opening party that featured many area vendors. Hollow Tree partnered with local liquor retailers and suppliers to provide beverage tastings, which highlighted different wine brands. Guests snacked on hors d'oeuvres and charcuterie boards supplied by a local cheese retailer.

Hollow Tree’s wine vault gives local collectors a place to store their prized collections and also services restaurateurs and retailers who buy bottles in bulk.

“This concept is completely new to the area and outside of what people are used to seeing in the wine world,” Facility General Manager Maria Hernandez said. “It’s like their own private wine cellar away from home, but close enough where they can have access to their collections whenever they want.”

The vault has more than 100 individual units to accommodate collections as small as 150 bottles and as large as 5,600 bottles. The units vary in price and start at $59 a month. The subterranean space is free from UV light and vibration, and is designed to follow strict temperature and humidity parameters to prevent fluctuations.

The wood-colored doors in the vault offer a more natural look. Steel wine racks are available so clients can store their bottles horizontally. Horizontal storage keeps the cork in contact with the wine, which prevents it from drying out and shrinking. Boxes with dividers are also available for storage purposes.

The vault even features a variety of hospitality benefits, continuing Hollow Tree’s culture of providing great products and professional services. Clients can chill a bottle in the refrigerator while cataloging their latest purchase, and utilize the wet bar to prepare a snack and a quick glass.

You can also sample your selections in the wine tasting area and entertain up to 20 people in the conference room. This glass-encased space is equipped with AV, Wi-Fi, TV, and ethernet capabilities, making it the perfect place to hold a business meeting over a bottle (or two). Additionally, those ordering wine by the case-load can send their deliveries directly to Hollow Tree, Hernandez said.

“There’s a value to having the wine vault here and moving your collection to your own private space,” she added. “It’s a great new concept for wine storage.”

The vault is open to clients daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Each room is equipped with an individual alarm and monitored by 24-hour video surveillance. A backup generator guarantees the integrity of the collections in the event of a power outage or weather event, and protects the units from theft or vandalism.

Hollow Tree is now taking appointments to meet with those interested in touring the vault. To schedule an appointment, call 203-655-2018 or email manager@hollowtreestorage.com.

The preceding content is a paid advertisement for Hollow Tree Self Storage.