GREENWICH — Night times have been very noisy in the west end of Greenwich, as Metro-North Railroad has been doing track work during the overnight hours.

Trains passing through the stretch of railroad from Rye, N.Y., to Greenwich have been blowing their horns regularly. The horns are a safety measure to ensure that crews working in the area are clear of the track, according to Metro-North.

Crews are performing tie and rail renewal in the area, Metro-North said, and the work in ongoing from west of the Rye station and east of the central Greenwich station.

The work is expected to be completed by Monday, and to local residents like Margarete Catalano, the completion can’t come soon enough. She and others have been enduring the blaring horns for weeks, and the nighttime blasts have been disruptive to their sleep.

Catalano said she has tried earplugs and other noise-canceling devices, to no avail.

“All our nerves are shot,” said the Hamilton Avenue resident “When they lean on their horns, you fall out of bed.”

The horns come at all hours, and in different sequences. “We have everything from three short ones, to all kinds of rhythm and intensity,” she said.

Train horns typically put out about 90 decibels to 110 decibels, around the same intensity as being 100 feet from a helicopter landing or standing close to a chain saw, according to audio-engineering data bases.