The Darien Democratic Town Committee will not endorse a first selectman candidate to challenge incumbent Jayme Stevenson this November, according to DTC Chairman Randy Klein.

"Elections are about choices," he said in a statement. "Campaigns are about ideas. Although this year the Darien Democrats have been unsuccessful in bringing forward a first selectman candidate, we have an opportunity to present a vision for the Town of Darien, identify the challenges we face and propose thoughtful solutions on how to meet those challenges."

Klein said that while community members did interview for the position, "personal and professional circumstances and commitments did not allow them to run for the top spot this year."

He was unable to comment on how many community members expressed interest in the position.

People approached the DTC, not only to be considered for the position, but also to learn how they could help with the election, such as distributing lawn signs for candidates," he said.

Historically, Darien has been a Republican town, however, Klein knows first-hand that a Democrat can occupy the First Selectman position. Evonne Klein, a Democrat and Klein's wife, was first selectman for three terms before Republican Dave Campbell won the seat.

"The demographic of Darien is not going to change demonstratively, but it doesn't mean that a Democrat cannot win," Klein said. "We have done it, but it requires hard word."

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At the DTC caucus on July 16, Klein was elected to be a place holder for the first selectman. The position, if a candidate was selected, would have been filled on or before Oct. 11.

The DTC will host a fundraiser on Sept. 22 and its headquarters, which will be located on the Post Road and will officially open on Sept. 28.

"We don't have a first selectman candidate," Klein said, "but rest assured, you will hear us."; 203-330-6583; @Meg_DarienNews