Just a couple of weeks short of a year, Stamford schools finally replaced its chief information officer hiring Christina Hefele, Darien's technology and data coordinator.

Hefele's hiring comes nearly a year after Phillip Dunn resigned as Stamford Public Schools' top technology administrator. Dunn took a similar, but higher-paying job in Greenwich.

Dunn's departure came at an inopportune time for Stamford, which was transitioning to the Common Core curriculum and a new computer-driven standardized test. Rather than replace Dunn, Stamford made it through the year, relying on the city's tech department and bringing in a consultant.

Hefele's hiring was lauded by the Board of Education, with member Gary Klein expressing the hope that she would usher in a more connected period for the schools. He said he especially hopes she improves the ability of parents to be involved digitally in their children's schools.

Hefele has more than 20 years' experience in software development and project management working in both the private and public sectors. She had 10 years working in schools and was made Darien's technology coordinator by Steven Falcone, Darien's former superintendent Stamford's current human resources director.

Hefele has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from the State University of New York and a Master of Science degree in educational technology from Iona College in New York.

As CIO, Hefele will be responsible for the creation, management, and evaluation of the SPS district's technology plan. She will report to the superintendent.

The job paid about $133,800 when Dunn held it.