Metro-North reported delays of up to 10 minutes because of weather-related conditions Thursday morning.

One of the conditions was the result of the many leaves that have fallen overnight from heavy rain and gusty winds.

“This condition is created by a slimy substance left by crushed leaves on our rails that gets even more slippery after it rains,” Metro-North Railroad’s website said about slip-slide.

The leaves are then made into a gelatinous, slime-like substance that reduces the normal amount of adhesion train wheels have on the rails.

“When a train attempts to speed up or slow down, this gelatinous slime can cause the wheels to slip or slide along the rails. In severe cases the train will automatically make an emergency stop, because the on-board computer system perceives slip-sliding as the train not slowing down when it should. And this slip-sliding during braking also creates flat spots on the train's wheels, forcing us to take much-needed equipment out of service for repairs.”

To ensure safety, the railroads institute slower speeds for trains passing through an area where an engineer has reported slip-slide conditions, which can cause train delays.

At 10:38 a.m., Metro-North said trains were running on or close to schedule.