There was no speech offering thanks and congratulations after Assistant Superintendent Judith Pandolfo announced a retirement at the Tuesday, May 14, Board of Education meeting.

There wasn't even a name attached to the retirement, simply that administrators and board members should refer to the memo dating May 14.

But that's the way that Director of Finance Dick Huot wanted it, said Board of Education Chairman Betsy Hagerty-Ross said in a telephone conversation with the Darien News.

Huot will retire this summer as director of finance for the Darien schools.

"He's really brought so much depth to the district," Hagerty-Ross said. "Besides being the finance person, he's really come around to helping with the buildings and facilities."

Huot has given 35 years to the public service, the last six of which have been spent in the Darien schools.;203-972-4407;@Meg_DarienNews

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