Rep. Terrie Wood recently testified before the General Law Committee Tuesday, Feb. 28, in the legislative office building in Hartford to speak in favor of HB 5058 An Act Concerning First Selectmen and Alcoholic Liquor Permits.

HB 5058 aims to remove the prohibition against first selectmen holding permits for the sale of alcoholic liquor.

The original statue, which was signed into law in 1933, only applies to the first selectman, excluding mayors, state representatives, senators and governors.

Rep. Wood expressed to her colleagues in the General Law Committee that the law was outdated and not consistent with regard to all elected officials.

"This law conceivably is an impediment to folks running for office. It is hard enough to get good people to step forward to run, let's not keep an antiquated law from allowing qualified people to serve," Wood said. "There are many ways the Liquor Control Board and the local police can protect the permittee from investigating him or herself in the event of alleged wrongdoing."

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