The Darien Public Schools has a new visitor management system, which became effective Dec. 3.

Visitors who wish to enter school buildings will be requested to scan their photo identification and receive a visitor's badge. This is part of a new security clearance system aimed at making the schools safer for students and staff.

The system provides a high-tech way of keeping track of who is in the buildings at any time and is useful in cases of emergency. The system will instantly scan visitors' driver's licenses and state ID cards and cross check the information with a sex-offender registry, family watchdog at

Visitors who present their identifications will be issued temporary photo ID badges, which print in about 25 seconds and indicate which area of the school they may enter. The system will not check additional criminal databases, so it will not indicate whether individuals have outstanding warrants or other legal issues. The ID badges will identify wearers as visitors or contractors.

Each badge will expire within a 24-hour period and must be returned to the security desk upon exiting the building. Contractors, regular volunteers and other frequent visitors can be issued badges for long-term use.

Campus monitors at each of the buildings have been trained in the use of the system and will be prepared to answer any questions and/or assist visitors as they enter our school buildings.

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