History teacher/editor Mark Albertson will present a two-part lecture on the Middle East on Thursday and May 12 at 7 p.m. at Darien Library's Louise Parker Berry Community Room.

Thursday's lecture, "Iraq: Creation of Colonialism," will look at the progression of imperialism in Iraq, beginning with the British East India Co.'s arrival in Basra in 1763.

The May 12 lecture, "Arab Nationalism, Arab Socialism," will examine the role of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Middle East. In 1798, Napoleon led a French Revolutionary Army into Egypt and the Levant. With this army came the ideas unleashed by the French Revolution: liberalism, democracy, republicanism, socialism, secularism, nationalism and parliamentarianism; ideas that would help to accelerate the demise of an already tottering Ottoman Empire. The talk will explain the phenomenon in relation to the present situation in the Middle East.

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