Meet Officer Nibbles, who fights crime using the power of cuteness.

Police in Glastonbury came across a baby squirrel on lying on the road. “He appears to be orphaned, but not injured,” police said on a Sunday Facebook post.

Instead of leaving the animal to whatever predator might come and take advantage of the situation, police “took him under their wings and created a comfortable squirrel condo for him to spend the night,” they said.

And of course they gave him a name: “We’re not sure what his mother called him but we named him Ofc. Nibbles.”

Residents praised the police on Facebook, and offered some advice and assistance. “I currently have formula made up for squirrels if you need some to feed him tonight,” one resident said.

“Need to keep warm until eyes are open them once or twice rub belly close genital area to help pee,” another posted.

By Monday, Officer Nibbles had been put in the care of the animal control officer, who will be “contacting a small animal rehabilitator to make sure he gets the best possible care,” police said on Facebook.