The grand opening of the Mather Community Center is delayed again, according to Dave Campbell, former selectman and chairman of the Mather Community Center/35 Leroy Building Committee.

The center is set to be completed between March 1 and 15, according to Campbell.

The primary delay is with the lighting, Campbell said, which is being installed. Additionally, the heating, ventilation and air condition systems will be delivered and installed at the end of January.

"From where I sit, that sounds like great news," Beth Paris, director of the senior center, said. "I'm sure the move process will come around after that."

Paris said she and volunteers, along with local college students on break, have been working to organize for the move.

"We've got 30 years of packing to do here," Paris said.

Campbell said the furniture and equipment was ordered.

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"So on one hand, it's not a big move in that sense," Campbell said. "They're not bringing a lot with them."

He added that he didn't want to rush the members and staff of the senior center into the building while work is completed.

"There will always be some odds and ends, like any project, but nothing major," Campbell said.

The center was initially set to open in October but was pushed back to February.

When asked about the budget of the project, Campbell said it is "very close." The project will cost just under $7 million. If the project were to exceed the budgeted $6,979,000, the Representative Town Meeting would be required to vote on appropriating additional funds.

"I can't guarantee either way, over or under," Campbell said.

The "shuffle" involves the senior center moving to the Town Hall Annex and being renamed the Mather Center and the Board of Education offices being moved to the site of the old town library at 35 Leroy Ave.; 203-330-6583; @Meg_DarienNews