I am writing to express my profound gratitude for the work of Congressman Jim Himes. We are lucky to have Congressman Himes' voice on Capitol Hill at this critical juncture, as our country makes tough choices about how to invest in our future.

Congressman Himes adds a real world dimension to the political rhetoric heard so frequently in Washington about helping America's "future generations." Recognizing that our country needs to have an operational infrastructure for a thriving economy, Rep. Himes has worked tirelessly to bring federal attention to the underfunding of I-95 and Metro-North, both of which are critical to the functioning of our state and national economies. He has also been very vocal in protecting and promoting our educational infrastructure, pushing for federal funding to improve Connecticut's schools.

Aware of the critical role that finance plays in any endeavor, Rep. Himes tackles this issue creatively, having even co-sponsored the development of a national infrastructure bank to help cities and states finance these types of infrastructure projects.

Rep. Himes' work is a credit to our state and to our United States, and I sincerely hope that he will continue to represent us well into the future. Our district is in good and capable hands.

Sharad Samy


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