The case of the 18-year-old Darien man arrested on myriad charges following run-ins with Darien police over the course of two days on May 23 and May 25 has been continued until Thursday, July 11.

Bethany Phillips, Heideklang's attorney from Butler, Norris and Gold, told the court that they were still awaiting an arrest warrant from the state police. No plea was entered.

Heideklang has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of more than 4 ounces of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana, assault on a police officer for attempting to spit at officers, interfering with a police officer and first-degree criminal mischief for damaging prisoner transport camera.

Heideklang sat with a blank expression on his face while he waited for his name to be called in Courthouse 1B at Stamford Superior Court, a stark contrast to his demeanor a week prior that led to his arrest.

Police responded to calls about a motor vehicle accident outside Nielsen's Florist on May 23. Once there, they found that Heideklang had driven a stolen vehicle into an officer's patrol car.

While on scene, Officer Michael Cummings said Heideklang had become combative, according to the affidavit, a disposition Cummings said was not usual for Heideklang. The aggression continued while Heideklang was being transported by Post 53, of which he had been a member.

Cummings noticed that Heideklang's eyes were glassy and bloodshot so he asked if any narcotics had been used.

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"Heideklang said he didn't know his name," according to the court documents. "When I asked him if he used any narcotics, he began rambling off a list of Oxycontin, heroin, marijuana and several other drugs." Heideklang said he had also consumed several marijuana brownies at his home.

Heideklang's legs were restrained to keep him from kicking the members of Post 53 that were tending to him. Due to Heideklang's aggressive behavior, police obtained a search warrant for his 37 Catalpa Terrace home, where he lived alone.

Once inside, they found an arsenal of firearms and a room used to grow marijuana.

Two days later, police were called to the Post 53 headquarters where Heideklang was parked. Post 53 Director Ron Hammer had told Heideklang that he was not permitted on the grounds.

Once Heideklang exited his car, he became combative again, according to court documents.

He would "violently kick the doors of the prisoner transport to the extent that the entire vehicle was shaking" and would spit at officers and hit his head on the prisoner transport cage when asked to stop kicking, according to the court documents.

First responders decided to transport Heideklang to Stamford Hospital for an evaluation. During the transport, however, Heideklang managed to remove the seat belt and hobble restraints.

"Heideklang began smashing his head into the Plexiglass that divides the prisoner compartment from the front of the vehicle," Cummings wrote.

Heideklang had ripped off the rear prisoner camera from the back seat. "While doing this, Heideklang would yell at me to stop hitting the brakes. I believe that Heideklang realized the audio was still recording and he wanted to make it sound as if I were purposely applying the brakes to make him hit the window."

No charges have been filed for the theft of the vehicle that was used in the May 23 accident.;203-972-4407; @Meg_DarienNews