Nancy Dauk was named Agent of the Year in Connecticut at the recent annual awards meeting of Halstead Property.

Dauk had the top record sales in Darien for $11.5 million and in Norwalk for $4.6 million.

More than 1,000 agents in 23 offices in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut attended the event at Cipriani's, where new initiatives and company news were presented.

Becky Munro, also from the Darien Halstead office, also was a contender for Agent of the Year.

Another top award was the Agent of the Year for each individual Halstead office. The following agents were nominated:

Darien and Rowayton: Nancy Dauk, winner; Eileen Hanford and Becky Munro.

New Canaan: Kelly Daniel,

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Mary Higgins and Lawrence F.

Sullivan, winner.

Stamford: David Campana; Diane Eliades, winner; and Paula Kroll.

Westport: Pat Abagnale; Helen Cusa, winner; and Sandy Edwards

Wilton: Ellen Garcia; Ann Lineberger, winner; and Helen Whitten.

Greenwich: Christopher Finlay, winner

"The meeting is the perfect time to look back at our past successes and to congratulate all of our agents for their hard work," said Diane M. Ramirez, president of Halstead Property. "In Connecticut alone, Halstead agents were responsible for the highest price sales in Darien, Rowayton and New Canaan. That is definitely something to be proud of."

Halstead also presented the award for the Highest Rental Deal, a company-wide selection for a lease of one year or longer, to Christine Saxe from the New Canaan office.