The idea of improving Weed Beach has been "on the books in some way shape or form since 1996," according to Debbie Parnon, chairman of the Weed Beach Building Committee. And on Monday, the committee gave its final report to the Board of Selectmen.

"It was really worth the wait," Parnon said. "The final result really added to our town in many, many ways."

Originally, the project was fully funded for $3.3 million, and ended up coming in under budget at $3.1 million after it endured almost two years of town freeze on capital projects, Parnon said. Parnon gave updates on new features, including the paddle building, the firepit, the bath house and the community room.

"The way people have used it whenever I've been down there is terrific," Parnon said. "It feels good it's used by so many people in so many different ways it's just a terrific asset to the town."

Parnon thanked Sue Swiatek, Parks and Recreation director, who she said was "professional in every way she managed the project."

Selectman David Bayne, who served as a liaison to the building committee, agreed. "Sue's knowledge was invaluable to this project," he said.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson also thanked Parnon and Swiatek. "I know how much effort you put in, how much you care about this town," Stevenson said.

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