Members of the Board of Selectmen Monday night debated a sidewalk policy drafted by Town Administrator Karl Kilduff at the request of First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. The policy would allow residents to petition the town for sidewalk additions and assign a points system to prioritize where each request would fall on the sidewalk projects queue.

Selectman David Bayne had reservations, saying that the policy does not give the Board of Selectmen enough room to override the points system should they think something is of serious importance that is not ranked high by the points system.

To this Kilduff responded that an override option was not a good idea.

"If you override once, you'll override over and over again, which makes the policy useless."

The Board also discussed the Hoyt Street sidewalk issue, with a fundamental disagreement coming forth between Selectmen Carl Lundeen and Gerald Nielson.

Nielson said that a sidewalk on Hoyt Street would only encourage people to keep walking on a strip of road that is fundamentally unsafe. Lundeen argued that people are going to walk the road regardless, and that a sidewalk would protect people walking to and from the train station.

The board is expected to continue its discussion at its Aug. 20 meeting.

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