The Representative Town Meeting Tuesday night accepted the proposed redistricting plan put forth by the Registrar of Voters with very few concerns.

Under the proposed plan, Democratic Registrar of Voters Tom Dunn said the areas affected by the redistricting were mainly Districts 1, 3, 5 and 6. Of those districts, District 3 saw the biggest changes as the lower section of the district moved into District 5 and the upper section was stretched farther north to include portions of Districts 1 and 5, Dunn said.

In addition, voters in District 2 who voted at town hall in previous years will now vote at Tokeneke School and voters in District 6 will vote at town hall. Dunn said the change was because voters should be voting at a polling location in their district. Since District 6 is the only district without a school, residents there will vote at town hall, Dunn told the RTM.

Dunn said after the 2000 census, Darien went from five to six districts. As a result of the current redistricting, some RTM members will move into new districts, but it will not impact their current seat, Dunn said.

"We just submitted a new street listing to the town website and there may be a few errors in the thing, so if you see that you're in the wrong district please let us know," Dunn said.

Members of the RTM had few comments about the redistricting, except for a few concerns regarding how the districts were determined and what effect the redistricting will have on members whose seats moved into a new district.

"I assume these districts were formed based on voter registration and not party registration?" Arden Broecking said.

Moderator Karen Armour confirmed the numbers were based on the total voter registration and not party registration.

"The RTM is a non-partisan operation. This was based solely on voter registration numbers," she said.

Armour said the RTM members who moved into a new district as a result of the redistricting would only have to sign the form asking to have their names included on the ballot and would not require additional paperwork.

"You sit in the district you were elected to and then run for reelection in your new district," Armour said.

The redistricting proposal passed 68-3.;; 203-972-4407