The Board of Selectmen Monday night announced Peter Bigelow as the new commissioner of the Darien Housing Authority, replacing Jan Pierret.

But as the meeting came to a close, a tall man with white hair and a beard, clad in jeans and a plaid T-shirt raised his hand.

"Excuse me," the man said, before the Board had a chance to vote on an adjournment. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson (R) acknowledged Joe Warren.

"While I'm very happy for Peter Bigelow being announced as the new commissioner for the housing authority, I'm a little bit more curious about my reappointment, which I've been waiting for for about two years now," Warren said.

Stevenson explained that she hasn't received the proper paperwork for Warren's reappointment.

"The Democratic Town Committee nominated Bigelow for the vacant seat," Stevenson said. "As far as I know, the Republican Town Committee has not sent a letter. Last we spoke, I understood your formal interview was set for September, but I've no confirmation on whether or not that's true."

Warren said he was frustrated.

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"This is not a new position, it's a reappointment," he told the Board.

Stevenson again attempted to explain that she'd not received any paperwork and that they were respecting him and the town by following procedures. Warren was having none of it.

"With all due respect, you are showing me no respect by taking two years to reappoint me to a volunteer position," Warren said, beginning to move toward the door, adding that he found the process of being reappointed "unconscionable."

Before Warren actually succeeded in leaving, Selectman John Lundeen (D) stepped in.

"Can I say something Joe? There's no intent to disrespect," Lundeen said.

Warren said that it was the board's responsibility to reappoint people when their term was up.

"And now you're saying the responsibility's on me?" Warren said.

Stevenson said that she wanted a letter requesting for his reappointment before her next meeting.

"I have a protocol to follow," Stevenson said.

Warren angrily agreed to her request.

"You'll have a letter on your desk before your next meeting Jayme, that I promise you."