Fifty-eight students at Darien High School were inducted in a ceremony Feb. 7 as new members of the National Honor Society.

Members were selected by the chapter's Faculty Council for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

They are Bettina Arkhurst, Lia Barsanti, Zachary Basu, Barbara Bell, Kellyn Berrigan, Sloane Bessey, Julia Black, Aidan Brannigan, Donald Brown, Emma Byrne, Jordan Cassetta, Victoria Chao, Matthew Coley, Marco Criscuolo, Rohit Datta, Brian Davey, Adrienne Dean, Victoria Eng, James Farrington, Elizabeth Forelle, Nicole Gagne, Kyra Gardner, Kyle Gifford, Harry Gillespie, Caroline Granath, Dominic Hansford, Colleen Heaney, Leah Hotchkiss, Henry King, Kelly Kosnik, Peter Kreuch, Megan Kristof, Catherine Lacy, Mac McDonough, Austin McLaughlin, Jocelyn Mendez, Emma Morgan, Daniel Murphy, Mary O'Boyle, Haley Okun, Isabel Patten, Alexander Rayhill, Margaret Riegel, Emily Roney, Matthew Ross, Nicole Schmidt, Dillon Schoen, Alexander Sedlack, Megan Slaughter, John Sparkman, Colin Sullivan, Allison Treen, Ryo Usami, Cameron Van de Graaf, Mira Venkat, Claire Walker, Jacqueline Winsch and Andrew Xiong.

Each year, the Darien High School chapter sponsors several service projects for the school and community. In the last few years, these efforts have included tutoring students, assisting during open house, organizing holiday food drives and volunteering in the community.

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