Hoarders rejoice! Remember those cowboy boots you wore once but thought to keep around just in case they came back in style? Or maybe you haven’t been able to let go of your concert tees from the ’80s? I dare say this fall is your lucky season.

Familiar styles plagued the catwalk this fall and now these fashion trends are in full swing on the sidewalk. Fall fashion is catering to season’s past, and many trends are not only wearable, they’re comfortable.

Recyclable fashion isn’t anything new. Trends come and go, usually with a new twist to a popular pattern or silhouette we’ve seen before. The trick is to reinvent and perhaps share a way of wearing a piece we never thought of before.

That is what fashion is all about, and why one piece of clothing can look one way on one person and completely different on the next.

But not this season.

Gigi Hadid might have looked great wearing these in-the-now styles, but so can you because you might just already own and love some of these fall trends.

Animal Print

Forget the preconceived fears of looking like Peggy Bundy. The animal print has been refined and only the chicest of the chic wear it now. From leopard (which should be considered a neutral by now?) to neon zebra, take your pick of animal print this season because it’s back, baby. I dare say this trend never really goes out of style but for fall, prepare to see oversized coats, statement booties, and headpieces dawning the fabulous print.


Ruching makes the world go round. It’s one of the most flattering details a dress could have, and if strategically placed could hide many problem areas and create your desired silhouette. Dig out your old dresses and tops with this detail and wear them like it’s the very first time. Patterns with dark florals and dainty bouquets have been a personal favorite or opt for an all-emerald shade for a very sophisticated vibe.


Saddle up! You’re in the new and improved wild wild west. Prairie-style dresses made for running through endless flower fields are all the rage this season. Pair them with your favorite cowboy boots and you’ve got a winning combination. Plaid is also majorly in — but is it ever not in style come fall? Forget oversized though. Your plaid shirts should be fitted to perfection. Designers also modernized the trend just a bit with tailored trousers, leather mini skirts and chic belt buckles. To not go overboard (unless you want to) only add one statement piece to your wardrobe at a time. This way you’ll be on-trend without the fear of looking like a Halloween costume.


Tweed has been revived and is no longer for grumpy old men. This drab pattern is being injected with color and many women are pairing it with unexpected pieces such as leather skirts and floral dresses. Don’t be afraid to wear it out of the office either. Tweed is going beyond workwear and looks great against mustard, pinks and baby blues.


Forget burgundy and black, this fall it’s all about bright colors, especially hot pink. Wear this hue head-to-toe and be someone’s bright spot on a cold, fall day. Color is also in when it comes to shades and tights. Think any color of the rainbow when it comes to purchasing your new pair of sunglasses and choose a fun, retro hue for your next pair of tights.


The ’80s and ’90s are not saying goodbye any time soon. This throwback fashion was seen all over the runways with acid wash jeans and graphic tees you can wear to your next Bon Jovi concert. Think big puffy sleeves a la 80s prom dresses and oversized suit jackets for your next cocktail party. Don’t forget the bright, neon colors either. These are like, so totally rad right now. An easy tip for modernizing the oversized blazer is pairing it with skinny jeans or even tweed, track pants.

Brown is the new black

Monochromatic brown is the definition of class this season. From milk chocolate to the deepest brown you can find, this shade is the sophisticated color of the season. Don’t care to wear all brown for fear of looking a bore? Yellow really adds life to this shade and is a surprising combination for day or night.

Busy prints

Animal print is not the only print in town. Loud prints are a favorite and are keeping things very interesting with mix-and-matching unexpected shades and playing with bold patterns. If you love turning heads when walking down the street, this fall trend is for you.

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