GameTimeCT Football Pick'Em Podcast: Week 3 selections


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GameTimeCT · 2021 Football Pick 'Ems: Week 3

Dave Stewart used a big week — going 9-2 in Week 2 — to jump up to the top of the leaderboard heading into week 3. 

Stewart leads the way with a 17-4 record and he is followed closely by Scott Ericson (16-5) and Maggie Vanoni (16-6).

The podcast trio of Sean Patrick Bowley, Jeff Jacobs and myself remain toward the bottom of the standings.

Make sure to listen to the podcast (directly above in this post or you can click to listen here) where we pick the games for week 3.

This week is the first big week of the Connecticut Football Alliance. 

With teams traveling across the state and facing off against teams from different conferences, there are a lot of unknowns, which should make for a fun week of football and a shake up in the GameTimeCT staff picks. 

Jacobs declined to make a selection for the Bridgeport Central vs. Bassick game this week. 

Below are the picks from all the staff members, but for more in-depth analysis on each game, listen to the podcast above. 

I have made the graphic large enough to be pinned to a bulletin board. Pin away!



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